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Name:Lucy Weaver
Birthdate:May 14
#7 is the seventh member of a 9 person unit, the Garrison, all of them were engineered and trained to be weapons, designed to work as a single unit, each of them with a general set of skills, and then a more targeted skill set, a set of Specifics. Some of them were bred and born specifically for the group, others (like Lucy) were handed over by their parents for an exorbitant amount of money.

A group of nine super-humans, designed as an elite fighting force meant to perform a precise surgical strike for whoever could pay the most.

That was the plan, anyway, but as they grew, the Garrison soon came to understand that their orders, their very design, was flawed. And so they planned their escape. Planned and executed with the precision they were trained for. After that they split up, took up aliases and tried to reintegrate themselves into society. Some of them kept in touch with each other, others didn't. #7, now going Lucy Weaver, was one of the ones who cut ties.

Aside from the same stronger, faster, more agile skill set that all the Garrison have, her Specifics include the ability to alter time for short periods, speeding it up or slowing it down, and precognitive dreams (and occasionally waking visions, along with a massive headache) She also has the ability to see the odds, trajectories and angles, which makes her able to move through a fight almost unscathed, simply by being where other people and weapons aren't. This makes her an excellent strategist, which was her place in the team of nine.

She was sixteen when they escaped, and in the five years since she's made her way in the world, mostly through a series of odd jobs and short careers. Mostly she just wants to find the others, band together, and fight what's coming, she's tired of being a weapon, which is why she's kept herself hidden and away from any of the others for this long, hoping that she could keep them safe, but she knows a war is coming and that they'll all be brought into it one way or another.

(Lucy/#7 is an OC from no particular 'verse, but she should mesh well with most fandoms. Her PB is Ashley Greene and I make no money from this journal, it's for RP only. Mun, muse, and PB are all over 18)
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